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Wise Oak Consulting

Disaster Preparedness Specialists

Wise Oak Consulting uses the National Preparedness System Framework to deliver services

Wise Oak Consulting, L.L.C. is focused on mid-to-large sized governments & organizations.  We specialize in Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment at all levels.

State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) FY 2019 Primer

This short flyer is a breakdown of the FY 2019 State Homeland Security Program - including an overview and ideas for investments based on DHS risk priorities.

Wise_Oak_SHSP (pdf)


How We Work

Holistic Approach


  • National Preparedness System (NPS)
    • Move clients "around" the NPS - identifying and assessing risk through reviewing and updating
    • Projects align with NPS elements
  • Strategic perspective
    • Emergency management program design
    • Senior leader focused
  • Client needs-based approach
    • Complimentary program assessment
    • Custom designed solutions

Wise Oak Consulting assists governments and organizations in starting or growing their emergency management programs by moving them around the National Preparedness System.  

Products & Services

Levels of Consulting Service

  • Seminars
  • Facilitation
  • Complete Products and Services

Products & Services

National Preparedness  System Alignment

Preparedness through partnerships

Wise Oak Consulting, L.L.C., seeks to collaborate with companies and individual team members.  Wise Oak Consulting, L.L.C. is currently a pre-approved vendor for the San Francisco Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative and partners with:

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